Current Swell

Support: Ocie Elliott

Fotocredit: Mike Pepperdine Photography

Current Swell are done with talking.“If this is our time, why don’t we take it?” singer Scott Stanton sings on Current Swell’s newest album. “If this is our life, why would we waste it talking the night away?” The band have been talking for almost a decade, now, and — make no mistake — talking well at that. Their talking has led them to sold-out tours in North America, Brazil, and Europe, with thousands of tickets sold across four continents and well over 50 million streams worldwide.For as long as they’ve played music, it has been manifested in their breakneck andbombastic live performances that have thrilled audiences from Austria to Australia,Seattle to São Paulo, and everywhere in between. Current Swell have spent their time building up energy, buoyed by the return of founding member Louis Sadava on bass and the fact that they’re making music that they like. It’s easy to hear it in the tracks. It’s impossible to listen to “Buffalo” and not smile and tap your feet, and you can tell the band felt the exact same way in the studio. Renewed and rejuvenated, Stanton, Sadava, Lang, and co. are stepping into the expectations of a new album and a new our with a hard-earned confidence and a well-worn grin.